Frequently Asked Questions about SAI Global’s Dynamic Reports

Q: What are SAI Global’s Dynamic Reports?

SAI Global's Dynamic Reports are comprehensive reports where you can obtain key details about a company, its identity, ownership, directors and registered security interests. These reports provide unique company snapshots highlighting only the key information needed to give you understanding at a glance. The reports are colour coded to help with instant analysis. You can also instantly visualise the data through a link to Encompass, which displays people, companies and addresses their associations in an interactive visual workspace (Dynamic Company and Securities Report only)

The Dynamic Reports consist of three reports that help you order, interpret, analyse and communicate key commercial information a lot quicker:

  • Dynamic Company and Securities Report

  • Dynamic Securities Report

  • Dynamic Company Report

Q: Who is the Dynamic Report for?

These reports are for anyone who does company and security searches as part of their business processes, for example in conducting due diligence before entering into a commercial arrangement or a financial transaction. Use these report to conduct ASIC business name or company searches or PPSR searches.

Q: What is one key benefit of the report?

The Dynamic Reports replace the need for multiple searches through multiple sources, while collating the information to allow quicker, more informed decision making.         

Q: Why should I use one of the Dynamic Reports instead of other search and data gathering methods?

The Dynamic Reports will reduce time spent sourcing and analysing commercial information, and time saved means money saved. These reports also help minimise risk by giving you all the information you need, in a single report, giving snapshot summaries of key information that you would normally have to gather yourself by analysing each separate search. You can find out more information by simply clicking on the links provided to retrieve the full version of the search. The Dynamic Reports improve your operational efficiency and helps reduce human error.

Q: How long does one of the Dynamic Reports take to run?

You can usually get results in a couple of minutes.

Q: Where do  I see the savings with using these reports.

Customers currently using these reports have seen an 80% direct saving in HR costs due to the reduced amount of time that it takes to order, interpret, analyse the data.

Q: What if I just need a PPSR search?

The Dynamic Securities Report provides all the PPSR data you need, as well as basic information on the company.

Q: What if I just need an ASIC or ABN search?

The Dynamic Company Report provides company information, such ABN and ACN, company officeholder information (such as current and former directors), and information on company structure and dealings (such as annual returns and financial reports).

Q: What are the commercial benefits of using the Dynamic Reports?

Businesses lose billions of dollars as a result of bad debt, poor credit risk, fraud and insolvency. Our Dynamic Reports help you conduct comprehensive due diligence, help minimise risk and make more informed business decisions by helping you conduct a variety of checks to yield individual and business intelligence. Our reports give you an accurate picture of encumbered assets held by parties to commercial arrangements and financial transactions. This can help you avoid serious consequences. The better you know your contracting party, the more you will be able to protect yourself and your assets.

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Q: Why did SAI Global create the Dynamic Reports?

We are moving towards being more technology focused in the way that we develop products. We know your world is technology focused and we are moving with the rest of the world and bringing you that innovation.

Q: How do these reports compete with other sources?

SAI Global strives to be a thought leader in this field and be amongst the first to introduce this kind of usable innovation to our customer base.

Q: How will SAI Global further innovate with Dynamic Reports?

We are working on bringing more products and features in the new financial year, and our teams are continually looking for ways we can innovate to help our customers and support them in their everyday business processes.

Q: What is the price of the reports?

The reports are very competitively priced. At only a few dollars more per report than standard searches, for the time saved, this small difference is value for money , given the information and commercial benefits that can be gained as a result.